Missions & Goals

The Heart of The Dove is a nonprofit (501 C 3 pending) organization based at Peace Valley Sanctuary Retreat Center, Caddo Gap, Arkansas.

Our mission is to support the education, spiritual awakening and nourishment of the multidimensional human potential.

As a nonprofit, our goal is to promote and support the unfolding of evolving planetary and galactic consciousness where the knowledge from ancient wisdom,  contemporary spiritual and new advanced technologies are cultivated, nurtured and honored. The Heart Of The Dove co-creates an environment that fosters human and planetary well-being, as well as, sustainable prosperity. We serve as a progressive model of innovative community, providing a new perspective on conscious living by re-examining the principles that govern our existence, perceptions and existing core cultural and personal beliefs that have shaped the nature of communities, our relationship to others and the Earth. We support healing on multidimensional levels as we come together in friendship, peace and harmony in tune with the refined energies of pure love, respecting all life, thereby positively impacting Mother Earth, the galactic community and all of creation.

The home of The Heart Of The Dove is Peace Valley Sanctuary Retreat Center (PVSRC), a sacred site surrounded on all sides by the Ouachita National Forest, a sanctuary of ancient wisdom, healing and transcendence, a quiet place for learning, reflection, meditation and healing of body, soul and spirit. The interrelationships of Spirit, Mankind, Earth and the Cosmos are honored and nurtured. Peace Valley Sanctuary Retreat Center is a place where you are a special part of a collective whole, in harmony and balance with others who come together to create a conscious community.